A Parent’s Guide to Hachi Hachi (App)

Hachi Hachi by Skytree Digital Limited

Type: Music, Rhythm

Basic Game Setup and Plot: A rhythm game that has several different songs that are either earned or bought. The only goal is to unlock things and get a high score. There is no plot.


Game Play: 3/5 Average: The game is a rhythm music game. You play songs and can unlock more from buying them with real money or game currency or by using the gacha. (Gacha in Japanese is there word for a slot machine.) These songs are played and by playing them you can unlock different things. You can play against other people (real people, not computer opponents) and earn or lose points. You also get coins to buy things. You may also use coins to buy tickets for the arena. As far as I know there is no way to actually be in contact with these people you play against.

Graphics: 3½/5 Above Average: The character’s avatar is very cartoon themed. Though it is cartoon themed they did provide a nice amount of accessories that reminded me of graphics form the video game Bomberman. (Is that series still going on even?) Song cover graphics were similar to anime and manga and some were nicely drawn.

Music: 3/5 Average: The music was mainly pop, rock, and electric and electric classical. There were also some instrumental songs.  It was mostly sung in Japanese, but a few songs were sung in English. Contemporary Japanese music is often different than contemporary American music feel and singing, but some of the songs sound really similar to American music.

Overall: 3/5 Average: I have played music games before that are better in game play, graphics, and music. It wasn’t an awful game, but it was not very interesting or creative. Because of this I don’t strongly recommend it. If you do want to play it, it is suitable for either gender and is playable for children about eight or ten and older.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 2/5 Suggestive: The woman in the tutorial and the women on the song covers are sometimes suggestively dressed. The clothing is about average video game suggestiveness found in a game found in E 10+ games such as being too revealing or tight, but it is not of a porn nature or extremely inappropriate.

Violence: 0/5 None

Swearing and Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain: 0/5 None

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 3/5 Several Disturbing Images: Some of the song covers have potentially scary covers, such as a creepy looking clown hanging a ballerina doll on strings. Some song covers are just weird looking such as the examples that can be found here:

Songs 48 background 2.png

Songs 18 background 1.png

Songs 21 cover

There have been a few even more disturbing ones that are now unavailable.

Religious Issues: 1/5 A Small Problem: The accessories have a devil headband. One of the face accessories and a song cover has a devilish look.

Magic: 1/5 Some References: One cover for a song has witches on it. Another has a dragon on it. There is witch hat and a jack o’ lantern head accessories. There is a vampire face accessories. No magic is done in the game.

Others: From the time of the publishing of the article no one had translated the lyrics of the songs, meaning that they could have bad lyrics. Most of the music is worldly and has drums.

Overall: 2/5 Child Appropriate: The game is technically appropriate, but it is suggestive. I do not strongly recommend it morally as there are images that make one feel uncomfortable spiritually, and as the song titles and music are not in English and have not been translated, there may be something deeper not seen that is very ungodly. Also the clothing on the woman is more revealing than you probably want your teenage son to see. If you do want to play it regardless, I believe preteens and older would be fine playing it.

Note: This article was last updated on March 22, 2016. This game is known to update and not all characters or content may be included form the last update.


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