A Parent’s Guide to Plague Inc. (App/Game)

Plague Inc. by Miniclip.com

Type: Disease, Simulation, World Conquering

Basic Game Setup: You are designing a disease that is supposed to evolve until everyone on earth gets sick and dies.


Game Play: 4/5 Well Done: In the game you either are a disease or have created a disease that is supposed to infect and kill everyone on earth. This is done by “evolving” your disease to adapt to all climates, spread more easily, etc. In most game versions you win by killing all of the people on earth. There are also other modes you can play that are based off of real disease or fantasy situations like zombies or monkeys taking over the world. A lot of detail was put into the game such as whether a country is poor or how the weather will affect the disease’s progress. It also describes how the disease works to a degree, making a person turning into a vampire or zombie make sense to a degree.

Graphics: 3/5 Average: Graphics are not a huge focus in the game. There is a basic map of the earth and basic pictures on upgrades, but none of them look cheesy or cheap.

Music and Sound Effects: 3/5 Average: There is music sometimes played that is has a slightly suspenseful feeling. When playing some special modes the music is changed to match the mood of the version. The range of sound effects can include people, sirens, bugs, etc.

Overall: One of the reasons this game was reviewed was because it is has around 50 million players. Quality wise it is fun and clever. For quality it is recommended most for boys that are in preteens and early teenagers.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E 10+

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 1/5 Brief Mentionings: There is a news article titled, “Cotton shortage inspires nudity boom.” One of the diseases mentioned is HIV.

Violence: 2/5 Non-Described Suggested Violence: Some news articles mention terrorism, Middle Eastern affairs, earthquakes, a man being trampled, and storms. There is a measure of how many people have died in the game. If you play the vampire or zombie mode, the apes, vampires, or zombies can attack people, bases, and countries. The vampire mode is more violent, as it talks about murders done by the vampire that the populace believe is being done by a cult.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 0/5 None

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 2½/5 Partially Disturbing and Intense Content: The game revolves around being the most horrible, deadly disease in the world and killing everyone. In the game it has the numbers of people infected, dead, and healthy. There are also news articles that describe disturbing things like trauma centers, corpses, mass graves, and a man who tried to commit suicide because he believed he was haunted. Some of the sound effects are creepy such as a child singing, a woman crying, or sirens.

Religious Issues: 2/5 Suggestive: A news article mentions aliens. One news article talks about people worshipping a fossil. One news article mentions a priest. Another one talks about a man who believes he is haunted. The game revolves around evolving your disease. One of the buy-able genes is called “Darwinist” and helps your disease and another is called “Creationist” which makes the game harder to play. When playing the vampire mode, the people believe a blood cult is killing people rather than a vampire.

Magic: 1/5 Some Reference: There are a vampire and zombie modes that can be unlocked.

Others: There is a news article titled “Pop star told to shake it off.” The TV show “The Walking Dead” is referenced. One news article mentions a “war on drugs.” One mode is based on the movie series “Planet of the Apes.”

Overall: 2/5 Child Appropriate: This game is fun, but is not recommended as it revolves around killing everyone on earth as a super disease and it is based on evolution. These two things cause me to not recommend it very much. If you did want to play it, I would suggest twelve and older for an age.

Last updated: April 1, 2017


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