A Parent’s Guide to LoveLive: School idol festival! (App/Game)

LoveLive: School idol festival! By KLab

Type: Music, Rhythm

Basic Game Setup and Plot: Honoka decides to start a pop idol group and has the player help her. Another girl starts her own pop group for fun. The player helps each pop group become successful and also becomes friends with them.


Game Play: 4/5 Well Done: The game is a rhythm game. It is not like some rhythm games that are impossibly hard, but it isn’t boring or too easy either. There are definitely challenges.

The player plays the songs and gets rewards. After gaining coins and points from playing songs, the player can upgrade their characters or try to get new ones. Depending on the song one plays depends on what characters a person may use, and the different characters have different abilities. After reaching achievements, the player can unlock stories, some for main game play and others as extras.

Plot: 3/5: Average: The plots are simple and cute. There are also side plots for all of the different characters, revealing personalities and preferences. Since new characters are added over time, the stories never end. There are also contest that come with their own stories that are added for limited times.

Graphics: 4/5 Well Done: One of my favorite parts of the game is the anime style graphics. The characters area cute and there is a lot of variety in their appearances, all of them overflowing with adorableness.

Music: 3½/5 Above Average: The music is pop or rock, and often has a happy or energetic feel to it. There are a total of eighteen voices that sing songs either as a group, a few at a time, or solo. Some of the songs start to sound similar after some time though.

Overall: 4/5 Well Done: In quality, this is probably the best rhythm, game that I have played. The art and music are good and the story is interesting. The game also updates regularly to add new events and characters. In quality I would recommend it to girls twelve and older.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 2½/5 Some Immodest Clothing: The girls wear a lot of suggestive clothing, sometimes shorts, miniskirts, or low shirts. There are also various swimsuits. Though the lyrics are sung in Japanese, when reading what they mean in English they are a bit suggestive. The lyrics are not sexual and do not say anything crude, but they are a bit passionate.

Violence: 0/5 None

Swearing and Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain: ½/5 Slight Misuse: “Gosh” and “geez” are used throughout the series.

Religious Issues: 2½/5 Demon Fascination and References to Other Religions: One of the schools the girls go to is Catholic. At least one girl lives in a shrine, and she says that she believes that all gods are the same. Another girl uses tarot cards. Some characters can be seen wearing traditional Japanese religious outfits. One girl believes she is a fallen angel and makes references to demons and hell. She probably isn’t.

Magic: ½/5 Slight Reference: Some of the costumes are fairy themed or are of magicians. No magic is done in the game.

Others: The music is pop and rock and has drums. The game has some suggested homosexual affections among the members. Originally all speech that suggested this was removed, but as Americans have become more accepting of this they have been updated to include the homosexual comments. Such comments include, “What do I like? Looking at cute girls, I’d say!” and “A girl and a girl? I don’t mind at all.”

Overall: Unfortunately this game is not very recommendable, mainly because of the religious issues and homosexual phrases. Before some of the updates in the game, it wasn’t so bad, but as time has gone on the game is no longer very morally recommendable.



  1. As a player of Love Live, I do not appreciate your slander of the “homosexual phrases.” The shipping of characters is a big part of the fanbase and is very entertaining for most players. Even if one of the characters happened to be homosexual there are no outright homosexual actions that would scar any of your pure Christian children. Therefore I do not think the existence of homosexual phrases in the game should stop you from recommending this game to people.


    • I appreciate your comment and respect your opinion, but as a Christian, I do not recommend that to other Christians for that reason. I understand you think differently, but as a reviewer, I must state my honest opinions and thoughts. Thank you again for your comment.


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