A Review of Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda (Book)

Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda by Marlin Maddoux

Type: Christian, Education, Non-fiction

Basic Idea: A radio host reveals some shocking facts about the way public schools are designed and run.


Information and Applicableness of the Lessons: Mr. Maddoux talks about the religious, moral, and sexual problems in public schools and universities. People, especially parents, can apply this in their decision making for their children’s education, as well as their views and beliefs about public school. Pastors may find the information useful in sermons and their own schools. Teachers and principals, especially Christians, both inside and outside the public schools may like to see what the public school is trying to push. Single adults may like to use it to help them pick whether a Christian or secular college is for them.

Reliability of Information: 4½/5 Very Reliable and Mostly in Date: Most of the sources come from people the author has interviewed. These range from teachers to parents to philosophers. Books and newspapers backed by a bibliography are also sources. Some of the information may be from the ‘90s and ‘80s, but that does not change the fact that they happened. Things are no doubt the same if not worse than when they originally happened. If not, at the least, one could see how and why the USA is at the point it is now in its acceptance of certain things.

Overall: I strongly recommend this book to adults that are parents, teachers, principals, and pastors. If a parent has their child in public school I definitely recommend. Other adults may also find this book interesting, even if it does not apply to them as much.

Moral Content

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: Sex education classes as well as what is used to teach about sex is mentioned. A video of a couple right before having sex that was shown in class is described in detail. Condoms, contraceptions, prostitution, STDs, and sexual functions are mentioned. Homosexuality, molesting, pedophilia, porn, and rape are mentioned. Sadism and masochism are mentioned, and it is mentioned that a person compares Christianity to them. Female circumcision is mentioned. Mohammed sexual crimes, including his marriage to a child, are mentioned. There is mention that a man was a sadist as well as the sexual crimes he committed and that he is a renowned sexual philosopher. Other sexual crimes are also mentioned. The private parts of the different genders are mentioned by name once. It is mentioned that the Muslims believe that there will be seventy-two virgins in Heaven for them to sleep with. Premarital sex and “trying out marriage” while still single is mentioned. “Rape,” “naked,” and “incestuous” are used for descriptive purposes.

Violence: There is mention of a hypothetical discussion that talks about a boy kicking someone. The 9-11 terrorist attack is described. The Columbine school shooting is described. Violent acts done by the Muslims against Christians and Jews are mentioned and slightly described. A story that includes stoning a woman is mentioned. There is mention of the Muslim jihad. There is mention of posters with explosions on them. Abortion, jihads, and mercy killing are mentioned. “Slaughter” is used for descriptive purposes, and one violent metaphor is used.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: Profanity is mentioned to be in a book that a man was asked to read aloud, though the exact content of the page is never made known.

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: There is mention of people committing suicide or wanting to commit suicide literally or figuratively. Some of the sexual content may be very disturbing, shocking, and/or emotional for some people, as it talks about pedophilia among homosexuals as well as at least two crimes committed against children. There is mention of people dying from STDs. It is mentioned that some people are taught and believe that chicken slaughter is equivocal to the Holocaust. The deaths and injuries during a battle in WW II are listed. There is mention and slight description of an anti-Jewish rally. It is mentioned that a man died from cancer. Overall, some may find the indoctrination in the public schools and the children’s acceptance of the teachings disturbing.

Religious Issues: There is a lot of discussion about the Muslim doctrine and details about their religion, such as what they believe about Heaven and what their prayers say. Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism, Pentecostals, Unitarianism, atheism, and the occult are mentioned. False philosophies like nihilism, evolution, secular humanism, and other false beliefs and philosophies are also mentioned, discussed, or sometimes even described in detail. Evolutionist, faith healers, the New Age movement and religion, and a rabbi are briefly mentioned. Atheistic philosophers are mentioned by name. The New King James Version of the Bible is used. “Ghost” is used for descriptive purposes.

Magic: ½/5 Brief Mention: The Salem witch trials are briefly mentioned.

Others: Drinking and doing drugs underage and wine are mentioned, as well as the specific names for some of the drug. Socialism is mentioned, and its influence and growth is discussed.

Overall: I recommend this book for adults, but children and most teenagers may find the overload of information too much to handle or even traumatizing.


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