A Parent’s Guide to The Confession (Book)

WARNING: Reading this article may give away things in the story ranging from unimportant to plot turners.

The Confession by Beverly Lewis

Type: Amish, Christian Fiction, Contemporary

Basic Plot: Katie has gone to look for her birth mother while her family grieves at home.


Plot: 3½/5 Above Average: Second books tend to be little more than bridges between the first and third, but I felt the author was trying to do more than that. The story was still interesting, and characters still developed. Some of the servants were more cliché than the Amish community characters had been, in my opinion. The plot had good things in it that were believable and thought out well, though not extraordinarily. The ending was a little cliché, but other than that it was not obviously or painfully cliché.

Writing Style and Setup: 3/5 Average: The writing style was the same as the first book. The descriptions were not as frequent and detailed, I believe, as the first book.

Moral: 2½/5 A Good, Partially Noticeable Moral: Though the moral is weaker in this book, I believe the moral that can be seen in this book is that God will come through for us. Katie’s mom prays that she will meet her daughter before her death and eventually does. The moral was not as expounded on as the first books moral was, but it could still be seen. There was little thanking of God for bringing about her daughter at the end of the book.

Overall: 3/5 Average: As most seconds books, The Confession was not as good as the first, but it was still enjoyable and did not feel forced. I think it is therefore above the average book, but like still not amazing. I believe that girls and women twelve to adult would enjoy this story.

Moral Content

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: A girl is described as “sensual” and “seductive,” and Katie discovers racy, red undergarments in her suitcases. “Seductively” is used to describe a way a man speaks. It is mentioned that a woman had been embarrassed at any inappropriate “innuendo.” It is mentioned that a man got a vasectomy. A boy is known for being a flirt. A woman flirts with a married man and jokingly tells him to leave so that she can change. A woman confesses to her boyfriend that she is not a virgin, and her boyfriend is mentioned to have asked several times for intimacy before marriage, though he was always refused. A man kisses a woman he is dating, touches her hand, and “put his arm around her.” He later kisses her once after they are married. “Seductive” is used for descriptive purposes.

Violence: There are descriptions that use violence. It is mentioned a man dragged and forced a woman out of his house. It is mentioned that a man punched his pillow. Katie cuts her hand with a knife.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: It is mentioned once that a man swears, though it does not say what he said.

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: There are descriptions with death and amputation, and shunned characters are often looked at as if they were dead. A woman believes her old boyfriend had died by drowning, though he hasn’t. Characters talk about a woman dying. A woman has several instances of spasms from sclerosis, and once or twice they are described in detail. A woman slowly goes insane from sorrow and believes she is hearing a child cry. A woman almost chokes on a drink. A woman slowly dies from sclerosis though the book and gets pneumonia, and Katie watches her mother when she dies. Characters are mentioned to have died in the past, including a brief mention of a stillborn baby. A boys feet hurt from having cut his “toenails too short,” and he exaggerates that he practically cut them off. A girl bleeds from a cut once.

Religious Issues: A girl thinks a man is like the devil for his wicked ways, and wonders if that’s what his middle initial stands for. It is mentioned that a girl recites a prayer from a prayer book, though it does not say what it is, and she is encouraged to pray by her relatives to pray using her own words. Characters are mentioned to wear head coverings. A boy says how he believes certain people will go to hell. “Haunting,” “haunted,” and “ghost” are used for descriptive purposes.

Magic: “Magic” and “spellbound” are used for descriptive purposes.

Others: “Dance” is used for descriptive purposes. A woman is given medical drugs and shots. A woman had once thought about divorcing a man but didn’t. A man smokes a cigar, and he uses an ashtray. The cigar is also used for descriptive purposes.

Overall: Overall I would say it’s appropriate for children twelve and older.

Here is a review to the third book, The Reckoning: https://christianentertainmentreviewsblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/a-book-review-of-the-recking/


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