The Purpose of Entertainment

Entertainment is a big part of the American life. The question, as Christians, we should ask, what the purpose of entertainment is. God says we are to be temperate. We ought to have our entertainment controlled and done with purpose.


  1. Glorify God. (1 Corinthians 10:31) Everything a Christian does should glorify God. Now, this doesn’t mean that what we watched needs to specifically praise God. We may pray every time we eat, but it doesn’t mean every bite needs to be sung with a psalm. It does mean that we thank God for it though and that we consider if God would be pleased with it, as well leave a pure testimony when we do it. God and His glory should be our first consideration in what we entertain ourselves with.


  1. Educate. I’ve never been a fan of everything is a school lesson movement (even though I was home schooled), but I do believe that entertainment is a great way to teach children and teenagers things about agendas, philosophy, subtlety, morals, and standards. Ask them what agenda the movie or song was trying to push and whether it’s good or bad. Ask them if the characters are good role models. Discuss if the overall moral was godly or humanistic. Make sure your kids know why this is true as well. These kinds of discussions are a great way to teach children and teenagers how to think and come to conclusions about how entertainment is used to promote both good and bad ideas. When educateing though, it is good to remember the first purpose of entertainment. One should never read or watch perverse entertainment with the justification that it is for “educational purposes.”


  1. Entertain. Somehow, entertainment is practical for entertainment purposes. Sometimes we just need to put up our feet and relax for an hour or two, or maybe we just need a good laugh after a stressful day of work. Entertainment can be a good way to refresh after a long day. (As long as you don’t forget to pray and read your Bible too.)


In conclusion, these are the three things to consider when deciding what entertainment we should pick. It should by God honoring, make us think, and help us relax. If we do this, we can make sure our entertainment is being used to the best of our benefit.


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