Anime: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Anime, while not as obscure as it was in the nineties, is a still often misunderstood term by parents, teenagers, and children. While people may have heard a myriad of defamation and rumors of the term of it through their friends, online, or from the infamous Studio Ghibili, anime is simply the Japanese word for animation.

Ponyo and the Sea, a children’s movie, is an anime. The popular action TV show Dragonball Z is an anime. And, yes, the pornographic series illegally watched online called hentai, are also anime. All anime is merely animation. What is in the animation is up to the writer of the story.

On a positive side, anime can be an uplifting or heart moving story about love, friends, and hard work. Several series aimed at children and teenagers are about setting goals and defeating the enemies of life, which are more often than not our own faults. Anime can also tell beautiful stories that move the heart or are relaxing comedies.

On a negative side, though, anime is, in some ways, like American TV. While often not as raunchy and vulgar, a lot of anime does have fanservice (situations that portray the characters in an arousing manner, such as a character “tripping” in a manner that shows up their skirt), homosexuality and gender confusion, and spiritual problems. Many popular anime for teenagers are often either filled with jokes that are not exactly appropriate or contact with spiritual creatures.

On the ugly side, anime is one of the many ways people portray porn. Called Hentai, these cartoons are filled with BDSM and erotic sins that no sane person would want to be a part of. A naive person would be shocked and appalled to learn of the things that go on in them.

In all honesty, anime in itself is no worse than a movie. Yes, there are pornographic movies. Yes, there are movies with devils, homosexuality, and vulgar language. Yes, there are a lot of movies that we should not ever watch. In the end though, there are a lot of movies that are not bad. Anime is a little more difficult, as the non-Christian culture allows for nearly all anime to have some kind of fanservice or off kilter moral, but it is not a completely fallen, devilish art. It is often used by the devil, as most entertainment is, to push a faulty agenda, but in it of itself, it is not bad.


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