How to Write GREAT Movie Reviews!

So, maybe you are a movie reviewer but you just do not have a lot of followers and likes. Maybe you want to improve your reviewing style, or maybe you are looking for a place to begin. Here is a simple guide of tips that will help you either start or improve your movie reviews and/or blog.


  1. Pick the Right Kind of Movie. First you need to know what kind of things you will be reviewing. Suppose you have a theme or brand for your blog, you should probably only review movies that fit with this theme, that way followers and readrs will know what to expect. If you do not specialize in a certain type of movie, though, it may be better to stick to reviewing well known (i. e. The Princess Bride) and new movies (i. e. Coco).
  2. Review It Slowly. When you watch the movie, don’t be afraid to do things that will take extra time, such as re-watching scenes, using a notebook, and pausing it. Some of you may also want to watch the movie with subtitles or in various screen formats. Do whatever you need to do to get what you need to know.
  3. Be Detailed. Don’t be afraid to use adjectives and adverbs. Too often, (myself included) reviews tend to sound like, “This movie was ok. Graphics were good. Costumes were good.” Use some color! Make a mess! Don’t be afraid to say why things were good or what was it that made it so terrible.
  4. Be Unique. Make something different or original about your blog post. Perhaps you are known for being humorous or to the point. Perhaps you focus on a specific aspect of the movie, like costumes or moral content. Maybe you are trying to reach a specific audience, like historical fiction lovers or parents. Whatever you do, try to do something that stands out and gets attention, not just another hum-drum review. CERB stands out by careful analyzing the moral content, philosophies and lessons in movies.
  5. Don’t Try to Review a First Time Watch. Reviewing a movie on its first watch can cause a lot of problems. First, you are usually so wrapped in the story that you can not focus on the details and its quality, creating a sloppy review. Second, it kind of ruins the experience for you if you just want to enjoy a relaxing film with all of its newness. Usually when I review a movie, it is not my first time watching it. I honestly believe that movies are best reviewed when one just enjoys it on its first run and then re-watches it in detail within the next three days.


These five tips, (picking the right movie, taking one’s time, being detailed, being unique, and re-watching,) help the reviewer write an intelligent, accurate review of the movie they wish to discuss with their followers and readers. I hope it can be of some use to you and your blog.


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