A Parent’s Guide to Wattpad (App)

  1. How Wattpad Works

Wattpad is a story telling website where anyone can join and write almost any kind of story, whether it’s fan fiction, mystery, or romance, all of which can be read for free. Popular authors can even make money through advertisements.

If one does not have an account, use of the website is very limited and sometimes even prohibited. After one has an account, a user can comment and vote on stories of their choice, making an author more popular than before. People can also talk about things on forums, the subjects usually being writing in one way or another.

  1. How safe is it?

As we said before, people can post just about any kind of story they want. Any, including some pretty scary ones. Though there are rules against purely pornographic material, that doesn’t stop people from writing it, sometimes pretty raunchy stuff too (think along the lines of rape, perverse fetishes, and worse). A lot of times these stories are rated mature, but not everyone is so thoughtful. There is also the high risk of teenagers being exposed to partial nudity on story covers, such as the naked back or hips, sometimes being completely naked except for what barely passes it. Other stories that tend to be popular are those promoting homosexuality and encouraging the Muslim religion. There is pretty much no way to bypass these stories unless one only writes on Wattpad and literally does nothing else. Several writes also write erotica, lemons (which is fan fiction porn), and Ddlg/BDSM stories (stories that promote sexually abusive situations).

Other Concerns

The website itself (such as the creators and runners) are big supporters of the LGBTQ movement and sexually “independent” stories, even creating an After Dark app for those writing risqué stories. Such stories often end up “featured” or recommended by the website runners.


In conclusion: I would not recommend wattpad for anyone under twenty-one or who has not first gained a firm knowledge on how to protect themselves online. Parents will want to be one hundred percent sure that their teenager knows how to protect themselves before going on there. If you do let your teenagers on, you will need to greatly manage what they are looking at to make sure they are safe. We personally recommend staying away from the LGBTQ section, Random section, Romance section, and Short story section.


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