A Parent’s Guide to Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning (Video Game)

Baldi’s Basics by mystman12

Type: Horror, Parody

Basic Plot/Idea: The player must get seven notebooks for his friend and escape school. Unfortunately, this must be done while being chased by your psychopath teacher chasing you with a smacking ruler.


Game Play and Plot: 3½/5 Above Average: Most of the plot is purposely made to be incoherent and silly, which adds a unique charm but does not necessarily give it a high value. It is short, simple, and linear, not really being a story that focuses on a plot. What can be found as a story, though, will no doubt make players chuckle with humor and confusion.

The game play is simple, running from a psycho teacher and collecting math notebooks. At the same time, players must try to avoid other characters that will slow them down from achieving their goal.

Graphics: 3/5 Average: While part of the game’s charm and adding to the horror theme, there is nothing really outstanding about the graphics, mainly because they are simple and old fashioned. While I would not want them to change, I am not necessarily going to say that simplicity of this sort is amazing, merely cute in the way that one looks at someone who is always clumsy or clueless.

Music and Sound Effects: 4/5 Well Done: The reason I rate the music and sound affects so high is because this is really the contributing factor that makes the game scary. The sounds startle and scare players, if not also weird them out. While it is in it of itself nothing extraordinary, it is the main contributor to the horror aspect of the game.

Overall: 3½/5 Above Average: This is a great game to play with friends or family, as well as pass an afternoon, but don’t expect it to entertain you for months at a time. (Not that your bad if you do, just don’t expect it.) I would recommend the game to boys and girls twelve and older.

Moral Content

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 0/5 None

Violence: 0/5 None

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 0/5 None

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 2½/5 Scary and Disturbing Content: The character is being chased by a nineties style video game teacher who is smacking their hand with a ruler, and the teacher waves unnaturally at you in the beginning. Characters sometimes fly practically out of nowhere, and the randomly yelled out, distorted phrases and sentences can put players on edge. Near the end, the whole game screen is tinted red and there is a weird sucking wind. One ending has a clothes and hair and eyes telling a person they are not in the game and that the game needs to be deleted in a gravelly voice with random beeping noises. The game as a whole, is just designed to feel creepy, and the kiddie graphics only help add to that.

Religious Issues: 0/5 None

Magic: 0/5 None

Others: None

Overall: 2½/5 Almost Child Appropriate: I would recommend this to children twelve to thirteen and older. It is not so scary as it is silly, especially when compared to games like FNAF.



  1. Thanks for your response. I forgot to mention that the Baldi cartoons on YouTube also hint at or blatantly depict pedophilia, child abuse and suicide. It offers a disclaimer that it is a horror show not educational but I don’t think these type of subjects are legally permitted for children to view.

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    • Thanks again. I checked it out. Yes, there are a lot of comics like that, taking things even that are would be totally appropriate like Disney or a video game, and adding terrible cursing, inappropriate scenes, or graphic gore. A lot of comics like that I would not recommend. (I didn’t really want to put the link on the website, but I checked it out, thanks again!)


  2. I have not seen the video game nor watched many of these Baldi cartoons but just a couple was enough to signal red flags and make me very uncomfortable with the idea of sharing these cartoons with impressionable children. As a social skills and etiquette coach I think this is a dark, toxic and negative cartoon for kids that is particularly inappropriate is faith based education is a priority for programming. Pagan traditions of zombies and a fixation on death just encourage an atmosphere of violence and corrupt a spiritual soul.

    I spoke with one child who watched this cartoon and he sympathized with the abusive teacher who was beating students with rulers and said it reminded him of domestic violence in his family. The violence also inspired him to be abusive toward his own mother. Very confusing for children. So many adults are desensitized to foul language, hypersexuality and violence because they expose themselves to it so much that they may struggle to effectively shield their children from it. Parents may also feel guilt that if they are watching toxic programming then they are being hypocritical by not allowing their children to do so as well. The bottom line is there are MILLIONS of positive activities all of us can be focused on without self medicating with negativity and exposing our children to it.

    Other disturbing aspects of the cartoons (which are inspired by a video game) are the use of foul language like “Sh*t” and taking the Lord’s name in vain. A red pentagram reminiscent of pagan, neo-pagan, Wiccan and Satanic symbols are also featured which is incompatible with current day Christian symbology.

    There are so many positive curriculum and entertainment options that the goal should be to saturate one’s child with empowering and positive programming not this mindless and insidious drivel. For example, google “homeschooling resources” or “homeschooling cartoons” and free educational, entertaining and fun videos are available like the one below that teaches children basic concepts about being responsible with money. The key to beating a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Your child will be addicted to all of the positivity and brain stimulating lessons in no time – they just need you to show them where to look!!

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    • Thank you for sharing! I have not watched any Baldi’s Basics cartoons on Youtube, only played the game. Thankfully, the game has no swearing and no blatant satanic content, but does have other things people may reasonably fell uncomfortable with. As a whole, one has to be careful on Youtube and with comics and cartoons. A lot of them are inappropriate, though there are also a lot of good ones. Discretion is always a great gift to have online. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on the subject, I enjoyed reading them!


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