A Parents Guide to Workemon (App)

WorkeMon by QuickTurtle Co., Ltd.

Type: Business

Basic Game Setup: A parody of the Pokemon series, Workemon is a game in which you are the youngest child of a rich chairman.


Game Play and Plot: 4/5 Well Done: Workemon is an ingenious, hilarious game. Parodying the popular children’s game series Pokemon, Workemon is about a rich, spoiled player taking over his siblings companies. The player “collects” workemon, AKA employees, to work for them, all of whom are in “tough luck” life situations by catching them with job offers. Ones “attacks” are designed to lower workemon’s pride and salary desire so that one may get the cheapest most compliant workemon possible. Eventually, one can earn companies (a poke at Pokemon’s badges) by earning enough money to buy them out.

Outside of the Pokemon parodying game play, I liked Workemon because it has a sense of humor, everything goes wrong and looks bleak. The Bachelormon is too under qualified to get a job. The Doctoratemon is too overqualified for everything to get a good job. The Helicopter/Tiger Mom is basically running her child’s life for him/her. The game’s humor can be its Achilles heel though. It thrives on cynicism, an attitude that is best avoided in ones personal life.

Graphics: 4/5 Well Done: The cute graphics of Workemon are another one of its Pokemon like aspects. The game is filled with pixel pictures of one’s workemon slaving over their desks and begging for a job to your cartoon drawn secretary telling you that it’s time to look at your monthly report.

Overall: 4/5 Well Done: When one considers only the quality of the game, Workemon is a funny, cute game that parodies real life and Pokemon in a bit too cynical way. I think adults and older teenagers would appreciate it best. This is not a game that I think children or preteens would appreciate the same way someone who has worked would.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E 10+

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 3/5 Suggestive Content: It is mentioned that you are the child of the chairman’s third wife. She is also referred to as his “mistress.” If you go out, you can sometimes see your dad outside with a scantily clad “good friend” hanging on his arms, and he tells you not to “tell your mother.” Secretary’s clothing includes low, tight, and short clothing on men and women. It says that one workemon is required to make video game characters with “big boobs and butts” against their desires. There is a workemon called the “40 Year Old Virgin,” and it says that his parents think he will die a virgin. One of unlockable achievements is “my boss is a player” for hanging out with bar host/hostesses enough.

Violence: ½/5 Brief Picture: There is a picture of the player punching a man.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 2/5 Some Misuse: “Hell” is misused once, and “ass” is misused at least once.

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: ½/5 Brief Mention:  One workemon has tears. There is an army themed workemon, and it is mentioned that they are accused of being “murderers” and that “they have PTSD.” One workemon has lung cancer. There are skulls in the background of one land.

Religious Issues: 2/5 Mocking Reference: There is an employee called the Witnessmon. Their description is “Talks about all the miracles Jesus did. The only miracle they can do is make people not at home.” A picture shows the player in a devil costume, the title being “My boss is evil.” Nothing demonic has to be done to get this.

Magic: 1/5 One Mention: One type of workemon turned into a wizard/witch from being single.

Others: One of the workemon wonders if they should take meth as a stress reliever. Workemon include the “alchohol squirtle,” “cigarettemon,” “gamblemon,” and alcoholmon, the latter which is said to vomit and to not be able to feel their face from drinking. One workemon is a zombie. One food has wine in it, and one secretary’s hobby is “wine tasting.” Some people are called “communist” for supporting welfare. Donald Trump is mentioned once. The game makes capitalism look evil.

Overall: 3½/5 Older Teenager Appropriate: Despite the “E” rating, the game has numerous problems that could concern parents, especially Christian ones. The mocking jest as soulwinning and virgins as well as some of the swearing and racy comments cause me to say it’s a game that is better for adults than children, in more ways than one. Even then, many Christians would probably object to playing this game at all. If someone really wanted to play it, I would recommend it for the age sixteen and older, not because the content is extremely bad so much as because it mocks what is good.


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