A Parent’s Guide to Infinite Growth (App)

Infinite Growth by We like games

Type: Raising, Simulation

Basic Idea: The player must continuously feed a child until he is the largest thing in the universe.


Game Play: 3/5 Average: The game revolves around waiting for a dad to make money, using that money to feed an ever growing baby until he is literally larger than his own house, and then bribing said dad’s boss so that he can make more money to feed the ever growing baby. All the while, the player can collect rewards by completing certain achievements and buy outfits for their baby. The mini games are terrible and impossible to make a profit with them (or I was just really bad at them.)

Graphics: 2/5 Below Average: While I like well done pixel style art, the graphics of the game were a bit . To be blunt, at worst, they seemed to be unintentionally creepy.

Music: 3/5 The one thing I can say is enjoyable about the game is the cute, jingly music.

Overall: 2½/5 Below Average: While it is not a bad game, the overall impression on me was that it was… well, weird. The graphics, the concept, and the way things are done in the game just have an aura of strange. I don’t really recommend it, as there are other raising and training games, but if someone really wants to play it and truly enjoys it, all the power to them.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 0/5 None

Violence: ½/5 Slight Violence: One mini game has the player shooting at mice and another at space rocks.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 1/5 One Misuse: The word bastard is misused once as a reward title.

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 2/5 Disturbing Content: When upgrading, the baby becomes a flaming baby with tight eyes and hair. The baby can eat monkeys, though it is not shown. Titles in the game include things like destroyer, fighter, and killer

Religious Issues: ½/5 Brief Mention: One title is called God of Food.

Magic: ½/5 Brief Mention: There is one brief mention of a magician. No magic is done in the game.

Others: The game I Became a Dog is advertised in the form of a reward for downloading it.

Overall: 2½/5 Older Child Appropriate: This is one of those games that is unintentionally disturbing. While nothing in it is really objectionable, I would recommend it for children twelve and older for the cursing.


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