A Parent’s Guide to Lele Pons (Youtube Channel)

IMPORTANT: I have not watched every video on this channel, but I have watched several. This article was made to get a general feel of the channel, and probably does not record everything that specifically happens on the channel.

Lele Pons

Types: Comedy, Music


Scripts and Comedy: 4/5 Well Done: The humor tends to be relatable topics or well known TV shows, with the occasional crude jest. Outside of the crude themes that occasionally pop up, I’d have to say the humor is fairly entertaining, mostly with its originality and relatable content, occasionally with twist endings.

Camera and Microphone Quality: 4/5 Well Done: Clear camera and microphone quality is throughout the videos.

Costumes and Scenery: 3½/5 Above Average: While costumes and scenery are fairly realistic and tolerable quality, at times cheap and homemade affects can be seen. While not bad quality, it is clear that it occasionally done on a budget

Overall: 3½/5 Above Average: There is humor and quality equipment, as well as adequate effects. I think the age group that would enjoy it best is adults, as the humor seems to be aimed at that crowd.

Moral Content

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 4/5 Heavy Suggestive Themes: A woman walks down a street naked, her body blurred. Whether she was truly naked or not is debatable. Women wear low and short clothing and show their midriff. Women are sometimes in bikinis and swimsuits. Sometimes a women’s bra or breast details can be seen through the clothing. Video themes include kissing, dating, and breaking up, and these are mentioned. Men and women kiss and hug. There are a lot of innuendoes and sexual jokes such as a man opening his pants, a woman saying “too small,” and then showing they were talking about a tattoo. A girl tries to “seduce” a guy by stretching in front of him while wearing tight clothes. Characters say people are hot and go and talk about dates. A woman catches a guy kissing her sister in a bed. She has a music video called Celoso, which is mentions a women that hangs out with lots of guys, a man asking who she sleeps with, and dancing sensually. Characters dance sensually.

A woman in a babies body gets a bath and has her diaper changed. She purposefully pees on people.

Violence: 2/5 A woman pepper sprays a man. A man stabs another man’s stomach. A boy pushes a boy. Someone gets punched.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 4/5 Heavy Cursing: The “f” and “s” word are rarely used, sometimes partially bleeped out. The alternate term for a female dog is used. Lighter curse words like “hell” and “piss” are rarely used. “Suck” is used on a regular basis. God’s name is frequently taken in vain. “Caca” (crap in Spanish) is used at least once.

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 3/5 Scary and Lightly Disturbing Content: There is a video about a scary story include hands reaching from the ceiling, a person suffering from bruises, and an evil spirit haunting and grabbing a girl. The person reading the story actually experiences these things. Characters watch a Jigsaw movie. A girl lies in the middle of the road with cars coming and disappears. A men mentions in speech that someone cut a person’s finger off. “Suicide” is used for descriptive purposes. A man is called “Deadzone” for being a bully.

Religious Issues: 2½/5 Occasional Demonic Content: One video is about a Ouiji board. A video about scary stories talks has a story with an evil spirit grabbing onto a human, and a person experiences it in real life. There is a video about Greek gods and goddesses. One video is about Halloween costumes.

Magic: ½/5 Some Use: There is a video called “Dating a Latino Vampire.” One video is about witches and another about fortune telling.

Others: Lele Pons has a pop music video called Celoso. There is a video about dancing. Many videos are parodies of pre-existing shows are done, including The Bachelorette, Catwoman, Dora the Explorer, Friends, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Mission Impossible, Power Puff Girls, Scooby-Doo, and Super Mario Run. ICarley and Princess Leia are mentioned, and someone dresses up like Shrek. Characters watch Jigsaw. A characters have tattoos, and a man has long hair. A girl says a guy is a drunk, but his behavior is not shown. Characters go to bars.

Overall: I don’t recommend this channel for the amount of cursing, dirty jokes, and the Ouiji board. The channel just has too many things that I feel are inappropriate for me to recommend, especially to anyone who isn’t an adult.


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