The Best Genres

It’s already common knowledge that reading is good for the mind, but not so common knowledge may be that not necessarily all reading is equally good for the mind. While most genres don’t hurt to read, encouraging certain types of books with your children may help them expand their knowledge, grow, and become better thinkers.


  1. Classics

Few books beat the tried and true classics. Why? Because books that last so long in the hearts and minds of people generation to generation often have something extraordinary about them. Whether it reveals human nature or teaches an important principle most classics have something about them that can benefit the young mind.

  1. Biographies and Historical Fiction

Historical fiction often does several things at once. First, it educates children on the cultures of their forefathers. Second, they usually talk about great historical figures and what made them great, whether it be honesty, perseverance, or kindness. Thirdly, they usually talk about the events in an interesting and exciting manner. Like the classics, these books tend to reveal human nature and teach important unchangeable principles.

  1. Mysteries

Want to encourage reasonable, logical thinking in your children and teenagers? Then encouraging mysteries is a must. Mysteries help the mind to develop in a logical manner, as they often encourage their young readers to figure out the mystery with deductive and inductive clues. They also tend to leave other miscellaneous information about various other subjects that might pertain to the mystery.

  1. Self-Help

The right self-help book can help your offspring learn about how to be a genuine success. Usually rather than getting to the very specifics of a successful person, they talk about the principles and mindset that a successful person has in any field or condition, as well as how to communicate and connect with other people.

  1. Technical

Technical books teach skills, like sewing, building, or foreign languages. Even the most scholarly child should have something technical to help his mind and body grow in other areas, and a technical book may just be the way to do so.


These are probably the genres I would recommend the most for anybody of any age. This being said, remember, not every book in these genres is necessarily recommendable or beneficial, while not every book outside of these genres is inferior. These are just some personal ideas on what books best grow the mind while still giving a good time.


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