A Parent’s Guide to Murder in the Alps (App/Game)

WARNING: Reading this article may give away things in the story ranging from unimportant to plot turners.

Murder in the Alps by Nordcurrent

Type: Mystery, Search and Find

Basic Plot/Idea: The player is a crime novelist name Anna who solves a variety of mysteries set in the 1930s. Mysteries are progressed through search and find games and varying mini-games.


Game Play/Plot: 3/5 Average: The game is played like most mystery games. The player goes to rooms and searches for a items that are on a list and along the way does optional mini games. All this takes energy, which is either waited for or bought.

The plots themselves are typical. They don’t really give enough clues for a person to work out what happened, but at least aren’t to obvious where anyone could find out, which if I had to pick one, I would the former. It just is not my preference to watch a mystery unfold with it being nearly impossible to find out what happened by reasoning because the creator did not leave any clues, even clever, subtle ones. The best thing probably about the plots though, is that there are lots of them that all built onto each other for one big story.

Graphics: 3½/5 Above Average: One thing that was wonderful about the graphics was the amazing smoothness. Whether it was people getting up or snow falling, the movement was very fluid and pleasant. Outside of this, graphics are about average, with some close up mini games having nice details, but the rest being what you would normally see.

Music and Voice Acting: 4/5 Well Done: Though music is about average, the voice acting was well done. The expressions and emotions are clear and accents are portrayed well and consistently.

Overall: 3½/5 Above Average: Visually and audibly, this game is probably better than some other search and find mystery games I’ve played, but not super amazing in it of itself. I think children twelve and older would find it most interesting.

Moral Content

Official Rating: T

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 1/5 Suggestive Content: A woman says she spent the night with a man, but nothing inappropriate happened. She says a man misread the situation and killed himself because of it. A man suggests that a man may have had “romantic endeavors” because he was sleeping in late, but he is wrong. There is a shirtless statue.

Violence: 3/5 Brief Mild Violence: A man shoots another man, and a woman throws a vase at the shooter.

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 3/5 Moderate Swearing and Misuse: “Damn” is misused four times. Hell is misused twice. God’s name is taken thirteen times. A character says “Mein Gott” three times which is “My God” in German. “Gott in Himmel” is used once, which means “God in Heavemn.” “Mio Dio” which means “My God” in Italian is said four times. A character says, “Non mi rompere i coglioni” which has a… less than tasteful translation that I will leave for you to research yourself. A person says “Thanks God” and another “God help us all.” A woman is called “witch.”

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 3/5 Disturbing Content: The game revolves around a finding the murderer of people. Seven dead bodies are found. The player examines four dead bodies. Dead people have marks on their necks and carved symbols on their arms. One dead body and a wheelchair are surrounded by and covered in blood, and another is covered in blood all around his waist with a knife sticking out. One quite gruesome one has a dead man with blood all over where his heart is and some cloth with blood on it beside him. Another gruesome one has blood all over his chest from a stab. A woman and man are found with a pool of blood surrounding them. There is blood on paper and a dagger. Characters are believed to have died from acid induced heart attacks an suicide. A man is tied up and gagged, and another is just tied up. A woman suggest they tie up a man. Findable items are human and animal skulls. Guns are discussed and bullet casings are findable items. A man wonders if people are hurt, but they are not. A man is mentioned to have heart problems and to have complained about them. A gargoyle is used for decoration. One achievement is made by a corpse being found, though not by the player. A man points a gun at a woman. A girl cries from fear, and her mascara runs. A man is confined to a wheel chair. A woman says characters are smuggling explosives, and a shed explodes. Players find blood. A man is called “Murderer” and others “killers.” Skulls are in the background. “Die,” “deadly,” “scar,” and “stabbed” are used for descriptive purposes. Would war is briefly mentioned.

Religious Issues: 3/5 Occult Content: Characters have Shavist symbols carved into their dead bodies. It is believed this was done for a human sacrifice purposes, but it wasn’t. A man claims to have discovered Vedism, a drink that grants immortality, and he calls it the light of the gods. A man calls this blasphemy. Another character says that he thinks it is un-Christian and dangerous, but is told he should be more open minded about it. There is a sacrificial dagger. A legend is told about brothers fighting with daggers, mentioning the Sihk religion. Brahmanism is briefly mentioned. Characters use a Hindu coin and fire to do something. It mentions a man and the Nazi party study the occult. Findable items are a Buddha statue and a Zeus statue, a cigarette holder, a medusa ring, a pentagram, a (fake) ritual dagger, a voodoo doll, and a yin-yang symbol. A priest is called Father. A girl calls herself “lucky” and luck is generically mentioned. A chapter is called “The Phantom.”

Magic: ½/5 Brief Mention: A woman who is not a witch is called a “witch.”

Others: The player goes to an empty bar, which is also called a pub. A man gets drunk while he holds a bottle of wine. Two characters smoke. Card playing and drinking are mentioned in speech. The player can play Solitaire. Whiskey, wine, and smoking are mentioned in speech. It mentions a man was seen in a bar. A woman is asked to fetch alcohol, which she does, but it is not drunk. Alcohol, ashtray, a ballet doll, beer, beer and wine openers, cigars, a cigar case, cigarettes, pipes, a shot glass, wine, and wine bottles are findable items. It mentions a woman was divorced. “Nevermore!” is said in an achievement, a reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” The Nazi party is mentioned negatively. Books in the background include The Swiss Family Robinson and Siddhartha.

Overall: I have mixed feelings about the game. A lot of search and find games have occultish content, whether it be ghost or characters that study the occult or cult murders. It really bothers me. I know it doesn’t some people, but personally, I didn’t really like this game so much because of how dangerously close it skirted Satanic and occultish themes.

WARNING: I only know the story through the first part. I have not seen anything further than that.

Last Updated: October 16, 2018


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