Modest Halloween Costume Ideas and DIYs

When Halloween roles around, Christian participants often find a lot of problems. Besides that there are a lot of costumes with ungodly themes like witches and devils, there is also the problem of modesty. While modesty standards range from person to person, we can all admit that a lot of costumes aimed at girls and occasionally boys, can be sexual. Whether it’s because its skin tight or more see through than glass or shorter than your hand, Halloween costumes are known for pushing sexy themes on ALL ages.

So, what’s a Christian to do? Well, here are a few suggestions, tips, and even DIY ideas to help you through the holiday.

1. Try making your own costume. Homemade costumes can be exactly how you want and tend to be cheaper than store bought ones, though they do take a lot of work.

2. Try adjusting a costume. So, maybe your not ready to make your own nurse outfit or Regency era dress, but maybe you can still sew a little though. Why not try to lower the hem or raise the neckline of a pre-existing costume you buy from the store?

3. Try regular clothes. So, you can’t so (like me), and that’s fine. Going to a good thrift store can help you get the costume you need still. Maybe a poodle skirt and a blouse for a costume. You could wear jeans, a gingham shirt, and a cowboy hat for a cowboy or cowgirl. Even something like a nice black outfit, a briefcase, and sunglasses could make you look like a spy.

4. Try a certain type of costume. Perhaps if your costume is themed differently, it will be easier to make modest. Historical costumes and costumes that look like food, i.e. ketchup bottles, tend to be easier to make modest.

5. Try face paint and animal accessories. Google some good face paint DIYs to find out how to make a perfect cat or bunny face, than buy accessories that would match the theme, like animal ears, tails, or food.

6. Try cardboard. Have some fun with cardboard. Cut out the shape of whatever you want, like an animal head or a car. Then draw in the details that you would like onto your cardboard.

7. Try footie pajamas. As silly as it sounds, it’s hard to be immodest in footie pajamas. Why not go as a rabbit, unicorn, or minion, and be modest at the same time?

So, these are just a few suggestions for a modest Halloween costume. If you have any ideas or traditions you do, let us know in the comments below!


Note: For any Christians interested in spreading the Gospel this Halloween, we recommend passing out Halloween tracts (or tracts in general) to either the kids that come by your house or around your neighborhood. Here are some favorite places we get tracts from. (This is an unsponsored post.)


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