A Parent’s Guide to Furistas Cat Cafe (App/Game)

Furistas Cat Cafe by Runaway

Type: Business, Cat, Restaurant

Basic Idea: The player runs a specialty cat cafe.


Game Play: 3½/5 Above Average: The game consist of the player running at cafe by collecting cats and giving them to customers to play with. Cats are collected by using items to collect new one.s There is also a lot of customization options, so players can make a cafe exactly to their liking. Most of the game (like many other business games) has to do with collecting items and money so that one can get bigger and better cafe.

Graphics: 4/5 Well Done: The game is filled with adorable cartoon cat animals that are a comfort to the eyes. Looking at them just gives me a happy feeling inside. The colors of the game probably contribute to this most, as it’s full of nice coffee browns and sweet pinks and greens.

Music: 3½/5 Average: The music is calm, uplifting, and almost jazzy, perfect for the game’s relaxing style.

Overall: 3½/5 Above Average: Who doesn’t love relaxation, and what’s a better way to find it then in cute kittens? Though there certainly are answers to that, this game is a pretty good way to fill in time between travels or enjoy an evening.

Moral Content

Official Rating: E

Sexual and Inappropriate Content: 0/5 None

Violence: 0/5 None

Swearing and Using the Lord’s Name in Vain: 0/5 None

Emotional, Intense, and Disturbing Content: 0/5 None

Religious Issues: 0/5 None

Magic: 0/5 None

Others: None

Overall: This game is completely appropriate for anyone regardless of age.

Last Updated: November 7, 2018


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