How does your rating system work?

When we rate a piece of entertainment, we review both the quality and the morals. The first section discusses the quality, including the plot, graphics, flow of the story, and the overall moral. We believe that the best entertainment should be intellectual, entertaining, and inspiring. The “Overall” section usually wraps up the article, as well as recommends the ages and genders that would probably be most interested in the piece of entertainment.

In the second section, the morality of the piece is discussed. We talk about the sexual content, violence, swearing, religious issues, magical content, and other things that Christians may object to. We try to get everything and anything that could possibly be offensive, but if we missed something, don’t be afraid to let us know! Again, the “Overall” will give a brief recap of the moral content, as well as moral recommend the age group that it would probably be best for.

What are some of your beliefs on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and Bible versions?

To help you better understand what we believe and why we rate things a certain way, some of our personal beliefs are here.

Abortion and Birth Control: We believe abortion is murder and sin no matter how the baby was conceived or what disease the baby may suffer. We believe birth control in itself is not wrong as long as a baby is not killed or harmed by it, but as many Christians believe birth control is wrong, any mention of it in a piece of entertainment will be noted.

Bible Version: We believe that the KJV is the only inspired, literal word of God in the English language, and that other Bible versions are less accurate and inferior, including the NKJV.

Creation and Evolution: We believe that God created the world in six literal days. We believe that evolution, theistic or otherwise, as well as the Gap Theory is not biblical.

Divorce: We believe that biblically divorce is against the will of God and even sinful, though that non-legal separation is not against the law of God, especially if a spouse is in abusive circumstances.

End Times: We believe in a Pre-tribulation rapture, as well as the thousand year reign of Christ.

Feminism: Though we do partially support women’s rights in that women should have education and job opportunities, protection from abuse, and legal freedom, we do not believe that women are the same as men, despite that in certain areas they may be equal. Because the term “feminism” has negative connotations, we prefer to steer away from using the word.

Homosexuality, Sexual Preferences, and Transgenderism: We believe that homosexuality is both a sin but that homosexuals should still be shown respect as fellow human beings. Other sexual preferences outside of social norms such as attractions to animals or minors are looked at in the same manner as listed above, including sexual perversions not listed here. We believe transgenderism is sinful, and that it is usually an act of sinful rebellion, a result of rejection and neglect, or the symptoms of mental confusion and illness. Though this is the view, we also believe that all people deserve basic human respect and kindness, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, and such people are still more than welcome to view and participate on the website as others would be.

Magic: We believe that in real life, magic is sinful, as well as that demons and witches can not be good. We believe attempting magic or to contact demons and/or ghost is both wrong and dangerous, as demon tormenting and possession may be the result. We do believe that entertainment with magic in it is not sinful necessarily, though all magic will be noted, but merely if it promotes magic and witchcraft as acceptable, good, and normal. Magic that is portrayed in a way that is evil, fake, or is not supported as normal, though it may be good in the book, is not looked at as objectionably as a book that promotes magic in detail or as healthy and/or normal.

Political Views: We prefer to stay out of politics as much as possible. We do not claim any political part or affiliations or support any particular person or party, though we do believe in voting to some of the standards you may see on this website. Though we may talk about government and economics occasionally, as a whole, we leave politics to the parents and do not usually discuss it.

Salvation: We believe that the Bible clearly states that salvation is by grace through faith alone. According to the Bible, we believe that works are not necessary, including as baptism or the Lord ’s Supper/Communion. Though we believe prayer is a form of expressing this faith, we do not believe that reciting a prayer is necessary for salvation or that merely saying it will save a person, especially if the person puts faith in the prayer to save them. We believe that man must voluntarily choose to trust Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and that though the Holy Ghost may prompt and call, it can not force a person to be saved nor will it predestine certain people to hell. We believe predestination is merely God knowing before hand which people would and would not accept or reject him. We have several other articles that can be found on the website that talk about salvation in more detail, such as are page For All First Timers. We hope you will be willing to maybe read one some time.


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