Our Story

Why did I start Christian Entertainment Reviews Blog? There are lots of blogs on books, movies, and games, and there are even plenty of Christian ones. Why would the world need ANOTHER blog?

The main reason I started Christian Entertainment Reviews Blog was because I personally had a frustrating teenage and preteen life of trying to find books that I could read without personally feeling uncomfortable. Often, I would go to the library bring home a book and then be shocked at the content with no warning whatsoever to what was in it. Even worse, as I looked online for clues on what would be in these books, I often found people didn’t put everything in there or were very vague about what was in the book i. e. “There’s a little cursing but nothing major.” (What does that even mean? Our definitions of “a little” could be totally different.)

I finally decided if I as a Christian has such troubles finding wholesome entertainment, other Christians no doubt were as well, so I decided to start a website in 2015 that would help people find not only good books but also great movies, gaming apps, and Youtube channels. I want children, teenagers, and parents to have great experience with their entertainment as well as know about entertainment they can enjoy and share with a clear conscious and while feeling comfortable.

Let’s spread wholesome entertainment today.